Thursday’s WOD

Buy In:
50 OH Lunges (45/25)

1 min handstand hold
200m run
1 min tuck hold
400m run
1 min air squat hold
200m run
1 min leg lift

2 Rounds

Cash Out:
Tabata Push-ups

Excellent work today Praus House…you guys did an awesome job with that complex!

Special event this Saturday! 31Heroes Project WOD…lets raise some cash to support this great organization! Fun starts at 9:30  Still a guest day per usual!

Wednesday’s WOD

Buy In:
1 Hang Power + 1 Power Clean
EMOM for 10 Rounds @ 65% 1RM

“21-15-9 Complex”
8 Deadlifts (155/115)
7 Cleans
6 Snatches
8 Pull-ups
7 C2B
6 Bar Muscle-ups
(Subtitute T2B if need be)
6 Deadlifts
5 Cleans
4 Snatches
6 Pull-ups
5 C2B
4 Bar Muscle-ups
4 Deadlifts
3 Cleans
2 Snatches
4 Pull-ups
3 C2B
2 Bar Muscle-ups

10 min time cap

Cash Out:
Pick your pain!

For those of you who are still feeling Monday…these lighter deadlifts will be just the thing you need to revive, and mobilize, your posterior chain! Weight on the bar will likely be determined by snatch weight…only one bar per athlete!

Let’s get after this one!!!

Tuesday’s WOD

Buy In:
1RM Strict Press

10 Push Press (115/75)
5 Ring Dips
3 Rounds

Then, rest as long as it took you to work, complete 3 times.
Score is total time to complete work and rest, do not
shorten your rest, work to stay consistent.

Cash Out:
100 DU’s for time

Great work today Praus House! What’da’ya say we give those backs and hammies a rest