Why We Do It

CrossFit Praus exists as a strength and conditioning facility, but more so it exists to establish relationships and build connections between people who might not otherwise connect.  There is just something about knowing the person next to you is pushing just as hard and struggling just as much that creates a unique connection.  As CrossFit Praus establishes itself through the course of this next year, we are anxious to see what type of community and community impact develops!

We do what others won’t do now, so we can do what they can’t do later.  CrossFit is all about utilizing functional movements at high levels of intensity to build a fitness platform strong enough to carry us through as many years as we are given.  Whether you are 21 and running a sub 20 min 5k, or 65 and simply want to play on the floor with your grandchildren; CrossFit provides the means necessary to surpass health, and achieve a level of fitness you may not have considered possible.

Why do WE do it?  We love it…really.  Not to mention CrossFit naturally lends to lifelong friendships, an incredible sense of community, and for us…a shared passion.  Oh, and we’re in the best shape of our lives!

Why did we open CrossFit Praus?  To create a community of people focused around carrying each other through the seemingly impossible, to arrive at a sense of accomplishment like none other!  A community that holds each other accountable: to come, to count every rep and to finish every WOD.

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