Jodi Moore

CrossFit Level 1

CPR/AED for Adult, Child, Infant

I have been involved in athletics all my life, from Volleyball, basketball to Softball. Despite my love of recreational sports, I realized that I missed the discipline and accountability that came from team sports. I discovered CrossFit 4 years ago when my best friend wouldn’t stop talking about it. I finally gave in and attended the “free guest day”. I crawled out of there, but couldn’t wait to get back. I fell in love with the energy and the community that is CrossFit. I once read, “CrossFit is like life, except amplified and intensified.” It would take me a couple years to realize how true this statement is.

After battling and continuing to work through my own mental and physical struggles, I wanted to become a coach to help others discover their true self. I have a passion and empathy for those who get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Being mentally and physically strong ties into being uncomfortable in so many ways, like trying to quiet your mind when facing something we don’t think we are capable of, or to physically keep pushing when your body is screaming at you to stop. I want others to be inspired to keep working and pushing through their boundaries and to constantly keep  evolving their potential.


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