Brandi Nichter


  • CrossFit Level 1
I grew up around all different sports, mostly watching my older brother play wishing I could play too. In 4th grade I got my chance and was involved in cheerleading and dance and did so for about 10 years. After cheering competitively in high school, I continued to workout at the globo-gym knowing I needed to stay active. I had heard of this thing called CrossFit and was very curious about trying it but didn’t know where to go or how to start.  Then a friend asked me to come to “free guest day” and I have been hooked ever since. CrossFit, especially barbell work and Olympic lifting felt very natural to me. I was so used to lifting people in the air that I had no control over, so lifting a barbell in the air was the next best thing. I have been doing CrossFit for 4 years now and can’t imagine doing anything else. Everyone is so encouraging, inspiring, and motivating. I found myself naturally gravitating towards helping, teaching, and showing others the tips, tricks, and technique that my coaches had taught me and that’s when I knew I wanted to coach. I wanted to share all of the knowledge with others that had been shared with me and show those who don’t think they can do CrossFit, that they can…. every body can.