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Sticking to the Process (March 2018 Athlete Spotlight, Rob Warstler)

Courtesy: Jake’s Takes Photography

Very few founding members of a gym tend to stick around, but Rob Warstler has continued to work out at Praus since almost the beginning of his CrossFit career.  

“CrossFit is addictive. I can’t imagine not doing it now that I have done it.”  

Rob is a Detective at the Fort Wayne Police Department, he also recently received his CPA and is working towards his masters. He’s always looking to better himself in one way or another and CrossFit helps him do just that. He learned about CrossFit from a coworker at the academy where they had access to the classes.  

“After Academy access wasn’t available anymore, that is when we found out about Shane and Amanda (original owners of CrossFit Praus) who were operating a CrossFit Gym out of their garage. That’s when we started working out over there and have been at Praus ever since.”  

Since trying CrossFit, Rob says he feels better than he ever has.  

“I have a lot more energy and physical preparedness for my job since I’ve started CrossFit.” 

Rob enjoys deadlifts but isn’t a big fan of the gymnastics portion of CrossFit. Although Rob is not a fan, he continues to work hard and push himself with handstand holds and soon to be hand stand pushups. He is always striving to push himself and be better than he was the day before. Since he joined Praus, he’s seen many accomplishments and attained many goals.  

“Recently I hit a 185 pound snatch. I got over the mental block that has been slowing me down. I’ve always been freaked out getting underneath the bar. I also had shoulder surgery and thought that would hinder me and my lifts.”  

But he isn’t done pushing forward and setting new goals. Rob has put in a ton of extra work and has refocused his efforts when coming back from his shoulder surgery. It took a lot of time and therapy but he is continuing to work hard to become stronger than ever. Rob’s not done yet. He has other goals that he has been working very hard to accomplish. When asked, Rob has a couple more goals he is working towards. 

“I am really close to a bar muscle up which would be awesome to get. As far as a snatch I really want to go for 200 pounds.”  

Rob credits the people at the gym for his success.  

“Everyone from the members to the coaches are really awesome. They motivate me and make me enjoy it more than I would if I was doing it by myself.” 

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