Athlete Spotlight

Angela Dotson

August Athlete Spotlight

“I am a nuclear medicine technologist. I work at Fort Wayne Radiology. I work with cancer patients, I do their imaging for staging, restaging, and treatment response.”
“I found Praus on Google. I was looking for a CrossFit gym and I tried another gym first and it just didn’t feel like home. The very next night I went to go try Praus and have been there ever since!”
“Being at praus has affected my life in the best and most positive way possible.”
“I remember the first night leaving Praus, I made a phone call and couldn’t stop raving about how much I loved it and the people there. I just kept going on and on about how it felt like home, and that was the very first night.”
“Since then, this box has helped build me and shape me into someone who is so much stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally than I thought I could be.”
“My favorite work out is any workout that doesn’t have the bike involved because the bike never fails to make me feel like I am horribly out of shape.”
“One of my best memories was during the second workout of my first open. I was the only athlete left on the clock and it felt like everyone in the gym came together and was cheering me on! “
“One of my biggest goals is to become a crossfit coach. A goal I’m currently working on is to be better at handstand walks!”
“Praus has become more than just a crossfit gym to me, it has become a family. Everyone here sees potential in you and would be willing to go out of their way to help you.”
“I couldn’t thank the lovely people at Praus for being who they are, always believing in me, and seeing so much potential in me!”

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