Athlete Spotlight

Chris Albertin

July Athlete Spotlight

Chris Albertin is a teacher at Woodlan High School in Woodburn, Indiana. He helps out with the football and wrestling teams.
How did you find out about Crossfit Praus and what makes you keep coming back? “Someone I used to teach with kept talking about Crossfit all the time. i did not know much about it but had seen some workouts online and it looked like something I would enjoy. After a year or so I asked her about where she went and told me Praus. What kept me coming back was the people and enjoying the workouts.”
How has Crossfit affected your daily life?
“I used to be someone who would come when it would fit my schedule. Especially when I’m coaching. But over the past year or so I have tried to make a point to come more often. I have also made some good friends where we go out to dinner after workouts and even went to the UP together for a couple of days during spring break.”
Favorite Workout and Why? “I don’t really have any favorite workout but I do enjoy squats and deadlifts.”
Best Crossfit Memory
“Getting a bar muscle up”
Biggest Goal “Be able to do a ring muscle up and handstands consistently.”

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