Athlete Spotlight

Kelci Burnham

October Athlete Spotlight

“My name is Kelci Burnham. I’m the co-owner Marathon Labels, Inc.”
“I’m a wife to Justin and a mama to Hannah (3) and Caroline (2) and two golden retrievers. I’d love to add Praus Coach to my resume soon as well.”
“My first personal trainer recommended I try CrossFit. That was in January of 2015 so almost 5 years ago. I keep coming back because this is a very unique atmosphere: competitive yet nurturing, motivating yet humbling, complex yet simple. Macro level, we’re all just working out together. Micro level, there are hundreds of ways to improve. Achieving small goals while working out with my friends is my favorite part or Praus.”
How has Crossfit affected your daily life: “Well, I’ll be damned if I let anyone lift something for me. Anyone else the first to volunteer when someone needs help lifting/moving something heavy? I CrossFitted through both of my pregnancies and now my daughters love to watch me at competitions. I also think CrossFit has helped me train my brain that the only way to get over something is to go right through it.”
“I think I leave Praus at least once or twice a week thinking “that was my favorite workout!” Any WOD accompanied by the sun shining through the dock door, a nice breeze, great music, and your friends is one I enjoy most. Most of the time, I scale the sh*t out of a workout. Occasionally, I can RX it. I try not to lose focus on the fact that just showing up is an accomplishment in itself sometimes. “
Favorite Crossfit Memory: “Without a doubt, winning the Crash the Bash scaled division a couple of weeks ago. Our heat started at 9:50pm (I am normally in bed by then) and it was a chilly night but so much fun. Getting first place was completely unexpected and it made me emotional to have hard work pay off like that. ‘The Nooners’ have become some of my greatest friends.”
“I accomplished my biggest goal to date about a month ago by obtaining my L1 certification. My next goal is to become a coach at Praus, even if it’s just one noon class a month. Another goal is to quiet the little voice in my head that tries to stunt my ability or potential.”
“I feel lucky to be part of the community Misty has helped us create at Praus in that it’s a safe place, free of judgment, where we can all work on becoming faster and stronger.”

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