Community Impact

Sure community building within the 4 walls of a box is great, and inevitable…but what about the area surrounding us.  At CFP we are focused on impacting our community inside, near, far and abroad.  As such, keep your eyes open for opportunities to make a difference.

Strength is Beauty…Women’s Event

There seems to be a quite a bit of focus on women and what society says about the way we look…too skinny, too muscular, overweight, masculine abs, no abs. What if that message was changed to communicate that all women are beautiful, that strength is beautiful. Not just muscular strength, but strength in every sense of the word.

This has been an ongoing discussion lately, so we’ve decided to do something to celebrate the strength we as women share, regardless of the differences in our physical appearance. Come join us soon for a “Women ONLY…Shirt OPTIONAL” workout at CrossFit Praus at 1pm!! Everyone is welcome…whether a member at Praus, another CrossFit gym, or brand new to the idea of CrossFit!

We will release more information as the day draws closer, but we would like to use this event to encourage, inspire and support each other!

We also want to give back to the women in our community. So start cleaning out your closets and fill a few boxes with workout clothes you no longer need so we can help women just like us get moving, get healthy…and gain new appreciation for just how beautiful they are!