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Friday’s WOD

Buy In:

Hip/Band Work

Shoulder/Bank Work

Hamstring Mobility/Rig/Band/Box/Ball


Wendler: Deadlift



13.3 Revised!

150 Wallball Shots (20/14)


Cash Out:

Roll/Ball: Quads/Hamstring/Shoulders


Don’t forget…Open competition starts at noon on Saturday…come out and cheer on our competitors!!  Also March Madness will be thrown up on the big screen/wall start Friday at 8pm, come hang out and catch some basketball…snacks welcome!


Thursday’s WOD

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Subscap mobility work

Agility (Straight-leg bear crawl…Spiderman lunge…Inchworm…Crab walk)

Goat Work or Make up Wendler



One arm Kettlebell swing (53/35) (L=1, R=1)
Toes 2 Bar


5 DU’s between each couplet


Cash Out:

100 Sit-ups for time


Don’t forget to come out Saturday and cheer on our competitors!!!  Heats start at noon…

Date Night!


10 Push-ups

10 Air Squats

10 Spiderman Lunges

10 OHS w/PVC

3 Rounds


Wendler: Strict Press



10 Thrusters (95/65)
10 Ring Push-ups

10 Rounds


Cash Out: 

Coach’s choice abs…time permitting

Roll out Quads, Ball/Shoulder work


Come on out to the Praus House at 8 tonight and watch the announcement of 13.3! Also on the GIANT screen this week…March Madness, join us at 7:30-8ish for the games Friday night. Make sure to bring a snack!

Tuesday’s WOD

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Mobility work…shoulders, traps, hips, quads…roll it, stretch it, mash it!


WOD: Bar Complex (not to be confused with the Bear Complex)

Power Clean
Back Squat
Snatch Balance

2 EMOM for 5 min @ (95/65)
2 EMOM for 4 min @ (105/75)
2 EMOM for 3 min @ (115/85)
2 EMOM for 2 min @ (135/95)

(one minute to reset weight between each of the 4 sets)

Don’t try to figure this one out…just come ready to have fun!


Cash Out:

Back to mobility…critical with WOD’s like this!

Monday’s WOD

Buy In:

10 DU’s

3 Burpee to broad jumps
10 Lunge w/ twist
5 Inchworms
10 Squats

2 Rounds

Wendler: Back Squat


10 TGU’s
20 Renegade Rows
30 DUs

3 Rounds


Cash Out:

Tabata V-ups

Thanks to everyone who supported the competitors this weekend!!! Love it!

Be on the look out for Endurance and Olympic Lifting to launch the first week of April! Looking at Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for Oly and Tuesday Thursday for Endurance (and no, this doesn’t mean “go run”…its a lot of fun!)

Kids classes right around the corner too…just need to figure out the best time! Thinking Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30…