Our Story.
Our Mission.


To create a fitness experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced with a community of people you’ll never want to leave.

CrossFit Praus was established in 2012 in an industrial park in Fort Wayne, IN. We are a fitness facility that offers Personal Training, Group Training, and Nutrition Coaching. True to its surroundings, CrossFit Praus is founded on the principles of quality and hard work. Every day presents a different challenge and you will be regularly testing and pushing your limits.


We are a gym that helps normal everyday people reach their fitness goals.

Whether you want to lose body fat, put on muscle, get stronger, build bone density, feel better, do a triathlon, have more friends, have more energy, what ever… We can help coach you. Whether you’re in a group, or working one on one, we want to ensure you are getting everything you want from your time with us.

All around Fort Wayne there are people like you and me who want to live a healthy lifestyle, and learn how to optimize their bodies to have the highest quality of life possible. That’s why Crossfit Praus exists. 

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We will work with you whether you’re just getting started or super fit, and provide you with the coaching you need to move forward.


Our goal is to create the best training programs.


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Organization and cleanliness allow for us to capitalize on all available space to host classes plus open gym and Olympic lifting space.