Monday’s WOD


3 Sets @ Easy Pace:
50′ High Knees
50′ Buttkickers
100′ Carioca (50′ each direction)
10 Goblet Squats @ 31X1 tempo


Back Squat 6RM


For Total Time and Total Reps:

Row or Bike 50 Calories
Max Muscle-Ups in 1:30

Rest 5 Minutes

Row or Bike 40 Calories
Max Muscle-Ups in 1:00

Rest 4 Minutes

Row or Bike 30 Calories
Max Muscle-Ups in 0:30

There are two scores for this workout: accumulative time and accumulative muscle-up reps.
The clock for your muscle-ups begins precisely ten seconds after you complete the prescribed calorie work, i.e. if you finish the 50 Calories at 2:00, your muscle-up clock begins at 2:10, to allow for transition time.

TIMECAP: 26:00

Extra Work – 4 Sets:
10 Biceps Curls, slow eccentric, light weight
50 Band Triceps Pushdowns, light band

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