Thursday’s WOD

Buy In:

Mobility: Pick your pain…10 min

Goat Work: DU’s, Kipping, Pull-ups, OHS, Rope Climb, Snatch, Clean, Push ups, Box Jumps…anything, you pick!  Or pick a few things to work on…this is your chance to improve an area of your “CrossFit game” that you don’t always have time to do!  You can also make up missed Wendler during this time!

10 Roll-outs (115/75)
8 Floor Wipers
6 Broad Jumps

8 min AMRAP

Cash Out:
Plank Holds
1 min each position…1 min rest between rounds
2 Rounds
4x600m with 3 min rest between

Don’t forget to sign up for Murph…at this point its looking like there are so many wanting to do Full Murph that we may just run two heats Full distance/reps @ 10 and 11, and have anyone wanting to do Half Murph do the 11 Heat.

Also, we have an offer for childcare, but this day will be very difficult to have kids at the box, so if at all possible, please find alternate care for them, or try to have both parents in the same heat so they are only in the room 1 hour (2 hours is a long time for munchkins! Just ask ours 😉 )