Thursday’s WOD

Buy In:
2 Rope Climbs
2×014 GHD’s
2×014 Reverse Hypers

2 Rope Climbs
20 Front Rack Lunges (105/75)
200 Mason Twists (20/14)
20 Front Rack Lunges (105/75)
2 Rope Climbs

Cash Out:
:14 Superman
:14 Sit-ups
:14 Hollow Rocks
:14 V-ups

2 Rounds

Time to launch a new year…who needs resolutions when you’ve got community to stand behind you and hold you accountable to your goals! Let’s get after it this year Praus House…can’t wait to see what the next 12 months have in store!

Sidenote: the roads are nasty (we just drove home) so 6 am…stay tuned! Joe will make the call in the morning (hopefully this time his truck starts regardless 🙂 )

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