Thursday’s WOD

Buy In:
Hand Stand Hold/Push-up Work

1 min Max Weighted V-ups
30sec Rest
2 min Max Donkey Kicks
30sec Rest
3 min Max Lunges
30sec Rest
3min Max Air Squats
30sec Rest
2min Max Push-ups
30sec Rest
1min Max Hollow Rocks

Cash Out:
100 DU’s (count attempts)

**Nice little active recovery day 

Open Announcements:

The last Open WOD announcement, tomorrow night at the Praus House at 8…I believe we have to competitors tackling it after the live face off between 5 previous Games champions!

14.6 (Closing of the Open party) will be this Friday night immediately following the last heat of competitors! Bring some snacks to share and we’ll kick back and celebrate everyone’s hard work. ALL are invited, not just open participants!! Cornhole boards and karaoke are welcome!!

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