Wednesday’s WOD

Buy In:
Goat Work

400m Run
Max Rep Pull-ups
20min AMRAP

Cash Out:
3x1min Hand Stand Holds

I was interviewed last night by a journalist at CF HQ about the correlation between being a CrossFit coach and how that spills over into helping people gain strength outside the 4 walls of a box. During our conversation, she asked lots of questions about the type of box we have, and the people who comprise our community. I got to the end of the conversation, and all I could think was…wow, we are ridiculously blessed.

We are blessed with an amazing coaching staff, we are blessed with incredible supporters, we are blessed with super flexible kids, but more than any of that we are blessed with phenomenal members who are more like family than friends. Thank you. To all of you, thank you for who you are and for making our lives so rich. How spoiled we are to be able to do what we love everyday, and to share that passion with others…not somehow, but triumphantly!

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