WOD for Warriors

Buy In:
5 Rnds Squat to Box Jumps

9min AMRAP
100m Sprint
11 Sit-ups
11 Squats
100m Sprint
22 Sit-ups
22 Squats
100m Sprint
33 Sit-ups
33 Squats
Add 11 each Round

2min Rest
9min AMRAP
100m Sprint
11 Push-ups
11 Box Jumps (24/20)
100m Sprint
22 Push-ups
22 Box Jumps
100m Sprint
33 Push-ups
33 Box Jumps
Add 11 each Round

Cash Out:
30 Heavy WallBalls (30/20)
Try to go Unbroken

We will officially be doing the WOD for Warriors at the 5:30 class, but all classes will do the same WOD and we will be accepting donations to support the incredible men and women serving our country at all classes…let’s show them our love and support Praus House!!

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