Friday’s WOD

Row, 5 sets:
5 Legs Only Strokes
5 Legs + Body Strokes
10 Full Strokes


Row 500m, building to 2k target pace for last 250m

Rest 2 minutes

Row 2k Time Trial


3 Rounds For Total Reps:
Max Reps Strict Press, 115#/65#
Max Reps Push Press, 115#/65#
Max Reps Power Jerk, 115#65#

Rest 1 minute

Max Reps Strict Pullup
Max Reps Kipping Chest-to-Bar Pullup
Max Reps Kipping Chin-Over-Bar Pullup

The overhead complex is completed without setting the bar down. Upon finishing, rest 1 minute, then the pullup complex is performed without coming off of the pull-up bar. Rest as needed before beginning the next set of the overhead complex.

Extra Work: Back Squat 6×3 @ 90% of this week’s top set


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