Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Buy In:
Strict Press

5 Push ups
5 Hang Power Cleans (155/115)
5 Front Squats
5 Bar-over Burpees
5 Roll-outs

5 Rounds

Cash Out:
5 Rounds of 100’s on rower


Strength Class

Buy In:

Wendler Strict Press


Behind the neck press
Snatch grip press
Upright row
Tricep extension w/band

Cash Out:

Tabata Back Ext & GHD Sit-ups

May is officially upon us!! That means its time for endurance classes (T/Th @5:30) to start back up and time to launch strength classes (MWF@6:30)! Olympic Lifting will now be held T/Th @6:30.

CrossFitters are constantly talking about needing a better engine or needing to be stronger so they can move through WODs faster and avoid injury. These classes are great opportunities to do just that.

The Strength classes will be held Monday Wednesday and Friday at 6:30. These classes will focus on power lifting, specialty lifts and isolation/accessory work (including core work) While we are in the middle of Wendler the Strength class will also be doing Wendler as the buy in so don’t worry about missing that part if you don’t make a regular class. Speaking of which, focusing on strength and really committing to it will help you make notable improvements in your WODs, that said, don’t feel like you have to fit in both classes in the same day (same is true for Endurance).

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