Thursday’s WOD

So after Candy cleaned everybody’s clocks…lets shorten things up a bit!

Buy In:

Mobility of choice…15 minutes minimum!

If you have a sore spot that you aren’t sure how to reach, check with your coach…between Wednesday’s WOD and Friday’s WOD it is critical to help your body rebound smoothly


Goat Work: come prepared to spend time working on the one (or two) thing that is driving you nuts…push yourself to drill away at it! ┬áThis is also a good time to make up Wendler if you need to


Goblet Lunges (53/35)
Kettlebell Swings

… = 5 Mason Twists with your kettlebell

Continue for 10 minutes, score will be full and partial rounds (not total reps)


Cash Out:

More mobility! ┬áToday is a recovery day…get into those places that are limiting your range of motion and recovery.


Dont forget to come hang out Saturday for the final day of the Open!  Celebratory carry-in to follow after the final heat!!

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