Date Night!

Buy in:  

Mobility…2 min each side ball/subscap and glutes

10 squats
10 adductor stretch
10 mountain climbers
10 pass throughs
10 Sotts press PVC
10 good mornings

Wendler: Strict Press

Burgener warmup/Snatch Instruction


75 Power Snatches (75-55)

Cash out:  

30 sec. hollow rocks
30 sec. side plank
30 sec. hollow rocks
30 sec. side plank
30 sec. hollow rocks


Couple reminders:

Saturday is our last day of the Paleo Challenge…come get your post measurements/weight/baseline between 10 and 11:30…bring a snack and stay for the Open at noon!

Open competitors…we will not be running heats on Sunday, so make sure you can get it in before that!  Preferably in our heats Saturday starting promptly at noon

Also…in celebration of all of the hard work put in during the open we’ll be having a carry-in party after 13.5!!  Bring your family, some food and relax after 5 weeks of pushing hard!  We’ll make sure to provide some sort of meat so there is plenty to refuel after the WOD!  Everyone is welcome…not just competitors!!


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