Tuesday’s WOD


5 DU’s

5 Overhead Squats

5 DU’s

5 Goodmornings

5 DU’s

3 Rounds


Skill: Medball Clean (if you missed Wendler Back Squat and are proficient in Medball Cleans feel free to make it up)



Three 5 minute AMRAPs with 2 minutes rest between each:

30 Medball Lunges (20/14)
20 Half Moons
10 Medball Cleans

The “buy in” to start each round will be 10 DU’s


Cash Out:

20 slow Goodmornings with an unweighted bar

Shoulder Mobility…pick your method (ball/band/roller)


Apparel is coming early next week!! ¬†Sweatshirts and zip-ups are $35, Hooded T’s $25 and T-shirts will remain $20!!

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