Valentine’s Day WOD!

Happy Valentines Day from our family to yours!!

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Roll 2 minutes on lower back

Ball work 2 minutes on each glute

Roll 2 minutes on each shoulder


10-15 min Goat Work



1 Front Squat (95/65)

1 Push Press

2 Thrusters

14 Rounds

*Bar should be placed on the rack when breaks are necessary…going from the floor is not required for this WOD

IA: (75/55)

BA: (65/45)


Cash Out:

1 min standard plank hold

1 min side plank hold

1 min top of push up plank hold

1 min side plank hold

30 sec rest

Repeat for 2 rounds


**A few times this week I have seen athletes question their rounds or reps, but instead of calling it good they went back and “repeated” the missing count…what a great indicator of true commitment to bettering yourself in CrossFit!  For this WOD there are ALOT of rounds, so keep that white board handy!  For those who have potentially repeated work, thanks for setting the standard that missing reps does nothing but cheat yourself out of improving!

Two days until the start of our very first Paleo Challenge!  We’ll be doing our “benchmark” WOD at noon, then will follow that with a Paleo potluck and seminar discussing the rules of the challenge and Paleo in general.  Fry Farms will also be there to chat with us about what they have to offer to make finding excellent meat just a little easier!  Hope to see everyone there!



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