Tire Flipping Tuesday!

Buy In:
Mobility…2 min hamstring/ball
Sampson Lunge
Side Lunge

Skill: Tire Flip (yep!)

1 Tire Flip Jump Through
200m Run
2 Tire Flip Jump Throughs
200m Run
3 Tire Flip Jump Throughs
200m Run

Continue for 14 min, score = # of Tire Flips

Cash Out:
10 Push-ups
15 Halfmoons
5 Rounds


Fantastic work on Back Squats today team!!!  PR’s everywhere today!

Friday’s WOD

Buy In:
Pick your pain mobility (recommend hitting the hamstrings and lower back)

20 Goodmornings with empty bar

Wendler: Deadlift

20 Deadlifts (60% 1RM)
10 DU’s
15 DL
20 DU’s
10 DL
30 DU’s
5 DL
40 DU’s

(Compliments of April Athlete Spotlight Audrey Andersen)

Cash Out:
Mobility of choice