Wednesday’s WOD


3 Sets:
5 Clean High Liftoffs
5 Power Cleans
5 Front Squats
5 Power Jerks


Power Clean & Jerk 12×1 Every 90 Seconds


Row 1000m
Max Handstand Pushups in 1:30

Rest 5 Minutes

Row 750m
Max Handstand Pushups in 1:00

Rest 4 Minutes

Row 500m
Max Handstand Pushups in 0:30

There are two scores for this workout: accumulative running time and accumulative handstand pushup reps.
The clock for your handstand pushups begins precisely ten seconds after you complete the prescribed row distance, i.e. if you finish the 1000m row at 3:00, your HSPU clock begins at 3:10, to allow for transition time.

TIMECAP: 26:00

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